How To Enroll
Step 1: Determine the Correct Class Level

New Student Placement Chart


Students wishing to enroll in the Long Beach Ballet Academy will be assigned to a level based on age and/or experience and ability.
Students in Pre-Ballet are placed by age and eligible to move to the next level at the beginning of their birthday month.

Pre-Ballet 3

All 3-year-olds - Must be "potty trained" and have already turned 3-years old at the first class

Pre-Ballet 4

All 4-year-olds - Students must be 4 years old

Pre-Ballet 5

All 5-year-olds - Students must be 5 years old

Children Level & Academy students are continually evaluated for eligibility to advance to other levels.
Children 1

6 year olds & beginning 7-9 year olds

**Students in levels Children Level 2 and up are placed by evaluation or by approved teacher recommendation.
Children 2

7-10 year olds

Children 3

7-10 year olds -- Must be evaluated in Children Level 2

Academy Levels 1-8

Entrance into Academy levels by evaluation or placement class only

Adult Ballet
Open "drop-in" classes
Step 2: Check the Tuition for that Level
Step 3: Choose which Class(es) to Attend
Step 4: Read Dress Code, Policies, Etc.

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