Aladdin History

In 1995, artistic director David Wilcox was inspired by the recently released Disney movie to create a new full-length production for his school’s 15th annual production.  It was the ninth full-length production that Mr. Wilcox had created from scratch for Long Beach Ballet, and with a mere 150 students participating, rented backdrops, and a few props thrown together by volunteer parents, it was nonetheless an ambitious undertaking for a ballet school and was considered elaborate and cutting edge at the time. 

In 1999 Mr. Wilcox restaged “Aladdin” for the 19th annual production, just before being asked to take it on a three-week 13-city tour to Taiwan in 2000.  Hearing of the production’s success, Chinese presenters invited Wilcox on a three week, six-city tour to China in 2001. 


In our last two productions, staged in both Long Beach and China, we wowed audiences with a dazzling showcase of high-tech wizardry, harnessing the full potential of digital tools available through computer and projection technology. However, this year marks a thrilling departure. We’re proud to unveil our brand-new painted sets, reimagined and enhanced with new choreography, breathtaking theatrical effects, and use of live animals. Under Wilcox’s visionary direction, we’ve merged the captivating grace of classical ballet with the enchanting theatrical magic of Disney.

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