Our Annual School Performance is held in June each year. Each of the Annual School Performances has a full-length story ballet as its centerpiece, choreographed and directed by artistic director David Wilcox. All of the students in the Children's and Professional Divisions participate in this performance, showcasing to family and friends the students' ever-increasing skills and talents. This performance incorporates all of the theatrical spectacle to be found in the largest of classical ballet performances, including scenery, special effects, dramatic lighting, and custom designed costumes. The students are given the opportunity to experience the thrill and challenge of being part of a major ballet performance in front of an audience of thousands.


Below is a list of all "Annual School Performances" presented by the Long Beach Ballet since 1981. 
Click on some performances to see the complete cast and photos.


Annual Performance

Show Year Program/ logo
37th Aladdin 2017
36th Don Quixote 2016
35th Swan Lake 2015
34th Coppelia 2014
33rd Swan Lake 2013
32nd Aladdin 2012
31st Sleeping Beauty 2011


30th Cinderella 2010

29th Beauty and the Beast 2009

28th Peter Pan 2008

27th Coppelia 2007

26th Aladdin
Ballet American Style


25th Hansel & Gretel & Paquita 2005

24th Cinderella 2004

23rd Swan Lake


22nd Peter Pan and Repertoire 2002

21st Hansel & Gretel and Swan Lake Act 2 2001

20th Coppelia 2000

19th Aladdin 1999

18th Beauty and the Beast 1998

17th The Wizard of Oz 1997

16th Hansel and Gretel  1996

15th Aladdin 1995

14th Alice in Wonderland 1994

13th Beauty and the Beast 1993

12th The Wizard of Oz 1992

11th Sleeping Beauty  1991

10th Hansel and Gretel  1990

9th Cinderella 1989

8th Wizard of Oz 1988

7th Sleeping Beauty  1987
6th Sleeping Beauty  1986

5th Cinderella 1985

4th Hansel and Gretel  1984

3rd Beauty and the Beast 1983

2nd Hansel and Gretel 1982

1st The Dream 1981

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