Wed. April 7, 2021

Happy April Everyone!

We are so happy to have our students back in our studios for classes.   Online Zoom classes continue for most classes (see the schedule on the Online Academy

New Zoom password as of today: (see email)

IMPORTANT ZOOM Information – students must:

  • attend with same classroom behavior as in-person class (attentive to instructor, no  leaving, eating, etc).
  • be present in required dress code – including class attire, belt (if applicable), tidy hair
  • sign-on with their name – either first/last (last initial as least).  If student is not identifiable by administration, their attendance will not be counted
  • turn camera ON for instructor to give feedback/corrections

Dancers who are taking class via Zoom and do not have their camera on will not be counted for attendance.

Attendance numbers are used for assessment at the evaluations and may affect performance eligibility.


April 5, 2021

We are so excited to see our students back inside our studios for class!  Just to clarify, the class schedule remains the same and the classes are in our indoor studios. See Class Schedule

Most classes will continue to be available via online Zoom too.   The new password will be forwarded to current students on Wednesday, 4/7 (reminder to pay tuition by the 7th to avoid the late fee and received the new password).   To see which classes are available for the online Zoom, see the schedule on the Online Academy

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT REMINDER to all students that the CLASSICAL DRESS CODE will be in full enforcement!!! 

See previous post for more safety details.

Wed. March 31, 2021

Dear LBB Families:

Starting Monday, April 8th, we are thrilled to be able to hold our classes in our regular indoor studios (just in the knick of time, since our marley floors have become damaged from the outdoor elements!).  The class schedule remains the same as the current schedule.  Most classes will continue to be offered via online Zoom.

THANK YOU to all of our students and parents – for your continued support of our efforts to keep classes on-going through this past year.  We will continue to follow safety guidelines to keep everyone happy and healthy.

All individuals are required to continue wearing face coverings inside and outside of classes.  Hand sanitizers as well as the restrooms are available for sanitizing/washing hands.  Individuals who wish to bring extra sanitizing products for their own use are welcome to.

All individuals who are ill must stay at home or will not be allowed inside the buildings.


Maximum number per studio space:

Per LB Fire Code CDC 6ft distancing Orange Tier
Studio A 98 43 26
Studio B 98 39 26
Studio C 49 25 14
Studio D 98 43 26


Current class sizes fall within the maximum numbers above.

*allowing 6 foot distancing