April 7, 2021

Happy April Everyone!

We are so happy to have our students back in our studios for classes.   Online Zoom classes continue for most classes (see the schedule on the Online Academy www.LongBeachBallet.com/online-academy)

New Zoom password as of today: (see email)

IMPORTANT ZOOM Information – students must:
  • attend with same classroom behavior as in-person class (attentive to instructor, no  leaving, eating, etc).
  • be present in required dress code – including class attire, belt (if applicable), tidy hair
  • sign-on with their name – either first/last (last initial as least).  If student is not identifiable by administration, their attendance will not be counted
  • turn camera ON for instructor to give feedback/corrections

Dancers who are taking class via Zoom and do not have their camera on will not be counted for attendance.

Attendance numbers are used for assessment at the evaluations and may affect performance eligibility.