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Determine class level

New Student Placement (see below)

Step 2

View tuition requirement


Step 3

Call the office (562) 426-4112 to determine which classes are open to new student

Class Schedule by Level - FALL 2021

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View Long Beach Ballet Academy Dress Code requirement & FAQ

Dress Code 2021-22

New Student Placement

Students wishing to enroll in the Long Beach Ballet Academy are assigned to a level based on age and/or teacher evaluation. Please call the office to determine which classes are open to new students.

Pre-Ballet & Children Level 1 & 2

New students are accepted into available classes at the start of a new term. The 4 terms during the Year are:

  • September – December
  • January – March
  • April – June
  • July – August


Students are initially placed by age and are eligible to move to the next level at the beginning of the next term.

  • All 4 & 5 year-olds

Children Levels

  • Children Level 1: All 6-year-olds and beginning 7-9 year-olds
  • Children Level 2: Placement by teacher evaluation
  • Children Level 3: Placement by teacher evaluation

Academy Levels

Academy Level 1 through 8: Entrance into Academy levels are by evaluation or placement class only


Annual Registration

All new, returning and continuing students pay the annual registration fee of $20.00 per student each September (unless previously paid after March 2021).  By paying the registration fee, families agree to the following:

Class Tuition – 12 Months Year Round

Monthly September 2021 to August 2022

Tuition is due prior to the student’s first class of each month.  A late fee of $10.00 applies to payments received after the 7th (an additional $15 fee applies to payments received after the 15th).  Pre-Ballet and Children level classes missed due to school holidays, rehearsal weeks, illness, or any other absence may be made up in another class of the same level and must be in addition to the student’s regular classes during any month for which regular tuition has been paid. A make-up class may be scheduled up to 4 times per school year.  Tuition is due year-round and is not pro-rated for partial attendance or holidays– except for pro-rating in August due to Summer Break and in December for students not participating in The Nutcracker production.  Tuition is nonrefundable.  Continuous attendance is expected for all students in order to progress though the Academy.  Students absent for one month or more will be re-evaluated for placement and must re-register prior to returning to class.  Siblings receive a 10% discount on monthly tuition.  There is an additional 10% discount when paying in advance for a period (Sept-Jan and/or Feb-Jun). We do not send invoices – convenient online payments are accepted.  Automatic tuition payments may be set-up by completing an Automatic Payment Form.  Auto-Pay is recommended to avoid late charges -- “auto-pay” runs continuously through June 2022 – the months of July and August are paid separately.  There is a $15.00 fee for returned checks. *Tuition paid by charter school purchase order is not eligible for discounts.


Long Beach Ballet is a non-profit organization and relies on donated income for its on-going programs. Tuition alone does not cover all of these expenses. All families are urged to participate in the school’s fundraising efforts.


Current continuing students are eligible to participate in both The Nutcracker in December and the annual school performance in the Spring upon payment of a performance participation fee for each production. Tuition and class attendance must be current through the months of June & December to participate in each performance.

Level Required ClassesMonthly Sep.-Aug.
(Dec. & Aug. is pro-rated)
Tuition rate/month
5-month prepaid (Sep. or Feb.)
Full Dec. Nutcracker Requirement
4.5-month prepaid (Sep.)
No Nutcracker Participation
Pre-Ballet1 Class per week$68.00$306.00$275.40
Children Level 1 & 21 Class per week$77.00$346.50$311.85
Children Level 32 Classes per week$142.00$639.00$575.10
Academy 12 classes per week$150.00$675.00$607.50
Academy 23 classes per week$215.00$967.50$870.75
Academy 34 classes per week$290.00$1,305.00$1,174.50
Academy 45+ classes per week$335.00$1,507.50$1,356.75
Academy 55+ classes per week$345.00$1,552.50$1,397.25
Academy 6/75+ classes per week$360.00$1,620.00$1,458.00
Jr. Company5+ classes per week$420.00$2,304.00<-6 months
Company5+ classes per week$510.00$2,370.00-